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Podcasts from the A-Squad, and other shows!

2/14/2024 - Lyz Jaakola

Thunder Rumblings 2/14/2024 on the A-Squad featured Lyz Jaakola, talking about Spiderwoman Theater’s upcoming residency at FDLTCC and their performances of “Misdemeanor Dream” at Cloquet High School.


11/13/2023 - Allie Ronning

Allie Ronning of Soulfeggio Care Consultation and End of Life Doula Services joins the A-Squad on 11-13-2023

10/24/2023 - Adam Bailey and Brent Danielson Remember Paul Carpenter

Adam Bailey and Brent Danielson Remember their friend Paul Carpenter

10/24/2023 - Kerry Rodd Remembers Paul Carpenter

Kerry Rodd Joins the A-Squad on October 24th to pay tribute to Paul Carpenter

10/24/2023 - Marta Vant Remembers Paul Carpenter

Marta Vant Joins the A-Squad October 24, 2023 to pay tribute to Paul Carpenter

10/11/2023 - Jo and Meghann, Suicide Awareness

Meghann Levvit and Jo Angell join the A-Squad on 10-11-2023 to talk about the upcoming 15th Annual Suicide Awareness Memorial Walk in Carlton.

9/13/2023 - Courtney Edwards, TriO Advisor

Courtney Edwards, TriO Advisor at FFDLTCC, joins the A-Squad 9-13-2023 for another edition of "Thunder Rumblings."

8/31/2023 - Chad Tuura

Chad Tuura joins the A-Squad August 31st to discuss the upcoming Labor Day Celebration in Cloquet.

8/30/2023 - Carl Sack & Steve Highland

Carl Sack and Steve Highland from Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College join the A-Squad for another edition of "Thunder Rumblings" on August 30th, 2023.

5/3/2023 - Dr. Carl Sack & Taylor Warnes

Dr. Carl Sack and Taylor Warnes with Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College join the A-Squad for "Thunder Rumblings" on May 3rd, 2023

5/3/2023 - Nikki Cranz & Jess Ochis

Nikki Cranz & Jess Ochis with CMH in Cloquet discuss the "Mocktails and Medicine" Women's Health Event May 16, 2023

4/26/2023 - Sarah Berglund Houareau & Dwight Cadewll

Sarah Berglund Houareau with Donatelife and Life Source and WKLK's Dwight Cadwell join the A-Squad on April 24th to talk about organ donation during National Donate Life Month.

1/25/2023 - Mike Tusken

Mike Tusken, Coordinator of FDLTCC's Law Enforcement Program, Joins the A-Squad January 25, 2023 for Another Edition of "Thunder Rumblings."

1/23/2023 - Terry Burn

Terry Burn with the Moose Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Promotes their Annual Ice Bocce Tournament on February 4th in Moose Lake.

10/24/2022 - Sam Horner

Sam Horner of the Carlton County Soil & Water Conservation District Joins the A-Squad on October 24th.

9/22/2022 - Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey, Owner of "The Jack" Sports Bar in Cloquet joins the A-Squad 9-22-2022 for our first game of "You Don't Know Jack."

9/21/2022 - Stephanie Hammit & Taylor Warnes

Stephanie Hammitt, President of FDLTCC and Taylor Warnes, Director of Communications and Marketing of FDLTCC join the A-Squad on 9-21-2022 for another "Thunder Rumblings" segment.

9/16/2022 - Brent Johnson Wins

Brent Johnson Wins $800 During "The Vault" Finals During the A-Squad on September 16th.

9/14/2022 - Sarah Buhs

Sarah Buhs of the Carlton County Untied Way joins the A-Squad on September 14, 2022.

9/1/2022 - Zak & Greta Parker

Zak & Greta Parker, new employees of Nelson Funeral Care and Cremation Service in Cloquet, join the A-Squad on September 1, 2022.

8/3/2022 - Cara K

Cara K. with Positive Community Norms Joins the A-Squad on 8-3-2022.

7/26/2022 - Nick Clark

Nick Clark with Frandsen Investment Services Joins the A-Squad on 7-26-2022.

7/22/2022 - Birthday Quiz

The A-Squad Birthday Quiz from Friday, July 22, 2022!

7/22/2022 - Marta Vant, Mortgage Lender

Marta Vant, Mortgage Lender with Frandsen Bank & Trust in Cloquet, Joins the A-Squad on 7-22-2022.

7/13/2022 - Kasie Sundeen, Population Health Nurse

Kasie Sundeen, Population Health Nurse with Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet, discusses the Chronic Care Management Program.