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Closing Delays

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Call (218) 878-8095 to add Closings/Cancellations/Delays

Inclement weather can hit the Northland at just about any time during the course of the year, and let us be the voice that gets the word out about your school or business closing! When bad weather hits (or maybe it’s a water main break or some other reason), just call us at (218)-878-8095 and give us details about your closing. If you’re a local school official, you already know the routine! If you are a school official in charge of making school closing decisions and don’t know the routine, be sure to call us and we’ll provide you with all the details!

On the days when the weather outside turns frightful, we’re on the air around 5:30 a.m. with details about your school or business closings about every ten minutes. If you miss it on the radio, look below to see if your organization or school is delayed or closed. If it is not listed, then it’s time to go to school, head to work, or we didn’t receive notification about your school, business or organization.

Current Closings / Delays